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White Dragon



Anime Debut

Episode 4

Voice Actors

Yui Horie

Maruga is another dragon Ryuuji met during his trip to the beach. She is a white dragon and the princess of the ice/snow dragons. Initially, she has a haughty attitude towards Ryuuji, but she warms up towards him eventually. It is implied that she likes Ryuuji, as she blushes when Ryuuji is around. She asks Ryuuji for a favour, taking back a cursed precious, from another level 10 Breaker, George Evans. The name of the cursed precious is Ice Rage, which originally belonged to the white dragons, and is what she has to remember her uncle by.

After the incident, she shows up in the last 2 episodes of the anime, where she convinced Ryuuji to go save Rose. The black dragon, Onyx, used to live in her homeland, so they've known each other since childhood.

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