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Rose [ローズ]

Kanji Name





Red Dragon




Gjirokastër, Albania



Engage Partner

Kisaragi Ryūji

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Voice Actors

Rie Kugimiya

Rose is a young red dragon that's unable to change into her dragon form, but little is known about her. When she is first released from the case the criminal society, "FANG," were transporting her in, she knows nothing but Ryūji's name, but soon picked up a few words.

Since she couldn't communicate nor knew her name, Ryūji gives her the name "Rose" because the dragon scales on the back of her left hand looked like a rose. Rose is aggressive towards nearly everyone, except Ryūji to whom she clings so much that she will sleep beside him in his bed.

She does love Ryūji deeply, but wonders if Ryūji care about her feelings. When Ryūji was younger, it was he who found Rose when she hatched.

Later, some of the dragons acknowledged Ryūji as Rose's fiancée due to the misunderstanding of the context of "Engage."

After Ryūji kisses her birthmark as part of the dragon's coming of age ritual, she becomes flustered and embarrassed around Ryūji, but still has uncertainty about her relationship with him. It is revealed that due to Ryūji being the corporeal form of the Lost Precious "Dragon Crisis," she becomes severely weakened with her life in danger.

She is handed over to Kai and Onyx in hopes that they will save her.


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